Live events, packed with beautiful decor, entertainment, and interactive activities, are what set Flawless NYC apart from otherwise similar companies. Now more than ever, it is important to find a balance between the reach and power of technology and the personal draw of a live event. These strategies are formulated based on how applicable they are to the casting and booking industry, but can be applied to any live event, from a corporate launch party, to a promotion for a brand. Read on to find out how to make your next live event stand out!

1. Access anyone, anywhere

Live streaming – initially, one might think – “Why bother? I can just put up a video after the event.” True, posting a nicely edited and well thought out video showcasing what your company just did isn’t necessarily a bad idea. However, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all have a live video feature. This allows for, essentially, a worldwide video conference call. People can follow along and get excited as the event is going on – the video pops up on their feed, and the fact that it’s going on right now amps up the urge to be there. If a video pops up on your news feed, chronicling an event that already happened, perhaps you wish you had been there, but are aware that it’s over – there is no way you can participate. This thereby eliminates the extremely powerful urgency factor present in live streaming. The fear of missing out factor is also there, because it’s completely possible, in the moment, for people to tune in with the event, and even attend it. Live streaming allows for immediate contact with the world.


2. Balance technology and live interactionScreen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.29.52 AM

Encourage people to use their phones and other devices to post about the event on social media (this helps you market the event and your brand) but also provide people with interactive activities (i.e. a photo booth, event app or game, virtual reality tour, food, live entertainers, etc.) so that they may get to know each other and experience the event in its true live form.




3. Make use of a theme

Using lighting, creative decor, and a non-traditional location, you can create a memorable theme that showcases your brand and ties all parts of your event together (food, decor, activities, etc).



Flawless sourced Gatsby Girls for the opening of the new Hilton DoubleTree in Times Square.


Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.31.46 AM4. Create an experience

At Flawless, we pride ourselves on our ability to match talent with clients, allowing for a curated experience. Virtual Reality is just one of the new and popular trends now when it comes to highly experiential events. VR will definitely make you stand out, but can be expensive. Something seemingly simple such as an edgy looking lounge with creative lighting and curated music, and a select and carefully chosen list of food and beverages available to guests allow people to feel special.


5. Allow people to be in charge – or at least feel like they are

Customization is extremely important at a live event, both in tailoring the theme and activities of the event to whatever is being advertised or promoted, and in making sure the experience is personalized for the guests. Experience goes hand in hand with personalization. Simplicity is also key: rather than trying to squeeze in every possible “cool” idea or activity,  stick to a theme or a few key events that the guests have to look forward to (and maybe even a surprise). With the rise of trends such as Virtual Reality (and its growing accessibility) us entertainers and event coordinators must stay ahead in order to continue to inspire, surprise, and impress guests and clients – enter the more touch-see-taste-and-feel experiences sprinkled throughout the venue. A choice of a few exciting experiences allows guests to feel special, like the event has been customized just for them.


6. #MakeItMemorable

Make sure to use a simple, memorable hashtag specific to your event, encouraging people to post about it on various forms of social media and thereby allowing for a search of the hashtag to bring up the event up immediately. Also, be sure to provide your company’s social media handles. For example, check out Flawless NYC on Instagram (flawless_nyc), Facebook (Flawless Event Casting and Entertainment), and Twitter (@FlawlessCasting)!



Combined, these allow for a memorable and unique event, ensuring that clients and guests alike will remember your company, brand, or endeavor. These strategies will help you and your brand establish yourselves as current and personalized, creating long lasting relationships for many events to come.


By Henya Rosen


First and third images from Getty Images, second image and video belong to Flawless.