Pool parties are the kick-off to having any summer fun. To throw a successful party some essentials include: decor, food, drinks and most importantly entertainment. When picking talent for your party, a variety of options can run through ones head. Everyone wants to throw the stand out party and as you get older, finding entertainment for parties gets more difficult with the ever-changing industry and technology.


Flawless provides the best entertainment that is sure to make your guests never forget your pool party!



Here are our top 4 most popular acts:


1. Mermaids

Whether putting on a show in the water or posing for pictures with guests, there is nothing that beats having these mystical creatures in attendance!

2. Bubble Dancers

Forget the traditional act, these dancers are on top of water in inflated bubbles putting on a captivating and unforgettable performance!

3. Synchronized Swimmers

The beauty and singularity of these girls will bring any pool party to the next level, literally and figuratively.

4. Fire Dancers

It is simple, fire never gets old.


Check us out to throw your next summer bash!


Written by: Talissa Trachtenberg