Image Makers by Flawless
Bringing style to your event.

Image Makers by Flawless provides our in-house creative support to perfect the vision of your event or promotion. Our artistic team of fashion stylists, hair and make-up artists, and live muralists will transform your models, brand ambassadors or chosen talent to fit your desired image and theme. These skilled experts ensure the look, so that your brand or event garners attention to connect with your target audience. Whether on site during the event or behind the scenes, Image Makers by Flawless ensures that your event will visually inspire attendees.

Images Makers by Flawless specializes in artists at the top of their craft:

  • Body Painters – These artists are skilled to create elaborate body art that draws maximum attention to your brand or event.
  • Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists – Our styling team will perfect the look of your chosen models or talent to represent the theme and vision of your event.
  • Costume Designers and and Clothing Stylists – Bring your creative look to life with customized wardrobe options designed and created by our stylists.
  • Graffiti Artists / Muralists – Impress your guests with phenomenal live art and muralists who can concoct epic murals, corporate logos on walls, or marketing items at your product launch. Also available for fashion shoot backdrops and pre-event decoration