It’s no surprise that social media has taken forefront in the marketing world. In fact most major companies, now have their own social media departments separate from the rest. With social media climbing up the chain of brand recognition, it has sky rocketed in importance among the modeling world.

At Flawless, we often utilize social media to find new and unique models. We do this by searching hash tags or locations to find a perfect match to what we are looking for. The more logistics behind your Instagram as a model, the more opportunities that could arise your way.

Often brands take more of an interest in models that have more social media presence, especially on outlets such as Instagram. Instagram has become one of the most used forms of marketing and brands want models that can give them more recognition with a click of the button.

As a model, an Instagram account also helps to give you credibility. It serves as a way to showcase your dedication to work and personality in a positive light. In this day and age its hard to be separate from the herd, but by maintaining an active social media presence, one can choose the way employers view you. Popularity on social media can help to influence decision’s by showing that you can bring more than just a pretty face, you can help reach a broader audience.


Written by: Talissa Trachtenberg