It takes the involvement of many people to reach the full potential of any large-scale experiential marketing campaign. Hiring proper talent in sizable numbers can be difficult for a company that has many other things to deal with. This is where the benefits of using an agency are irrefutable.

Using an agency cancels out the third party. It relieves the company from having to deal with the headaches of agents and alleviates the administrative process, by having a centralized accounting system to pay all talent through one agency. Agencies have a better eye for talent. At Flawless, we screen all of our talent eliminating any unqualified or inexperienced candidates that could bring a campaign down.

At Flawless we have experience casting hundreds of extensive nation-wide rollouts for big brands such as MAC cosmetics, Dior, Ferrari and many others. Our experience helps find the right talent in a time efficient manner, presenting only the best options for a campaign. 


Written by: Talissa Trachtenberg